Travelling to Padre Burgos Southern Leyte from Cebu

The fastest and most convenient  way to get to Maasin Southern Leyte is now through the Weesam Express fast ferry from Cebu takes 3 hours to Maasin 

From Cebu to Leyte and Southern Leyte

There are a number of ferry services from Cebu to Leyte.

Please check schedule of ferries as they can change seasonally and without notice.

The Roble ferry and Gloria G1 leaves from pier 3 in Cebu arriving in Hilongos, Leyte and takes around 4 hours. The land transfer to  Padre Burgos from Hilongos takes around an hour and a half.

The Cokaliong Shipping ferry leaves Cebu from pier 1 and arrives in Maasin, S. Leyte.  The land transfer to Padre Burgos  from Maasin takes around 45 minutes.

The SuperCat ferry  Weesam and Oceanjet leaves from pier 4 in Cebu arriving in Ormoc, Leyte and takes around 2.5 hours. The land transfer to Padre Burgos from Ormoc takes around 3 hours.

SuperCat departs pier 4 Cebu at 05:15AM, 11:00AM, and 05:00PM daily arrives Ormoc at 07:50AM, 01:35PM and 07:35PM.
SuperCat departs Ormoc at 08:05AM, 01:45PM and 07:50PM daily arrive Cebu pier 4 at 10:40AM, 04:35PM and 10.35PM.


OceanJet departs pier 1 Cebu at 06:30AM, 10:00AM, 01:00PM and 05:00PM     arrive Ormoc 09:30AM, 01:00PM, 04:30PM and 07:30PM daily.
OceanJet departs Ormoc at 07:30AM, 10:00AM, 01:30PM and 5:30PM daily     arrive Cebu pier 1 at 10:00AM, 01:00PM, 04:30PM and 08:30PM.



Weesam departs pier 4 at 10:30AM arrives Ormoc at 01:30PM daily.
Weesam departs Ormoc at 01:30PM daily arrive Cebu pier 4 at 04:30PM.



Gabisan Gloria G1 departs 02:30PM daily at Cebu Terminal 2 pier 3 arrives Hilongos Leyte at 06:00PM.
Gabisan Gloria G1 departs Hilongos port Leyte at 08:30AM daily arrive Cebu 12:00pm. Bus service to Padre Burgos can be purchased on ferry.

Gloria G1

Roble Shipping Lines depart Cebu 12pm and 09:00PM at pier 3 daily arrives Hilongos Leyte at 05:00PM and 02:00AM.
Roble Shipping Lines departs Hilongos 11:00AM and 10:00PM at pier 3 daily arrive Cebu at 04:00PM and 03:00AM.

Roble ferry

Cokaliong Ferry depart 07:00PM at pier 1 every Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays arrives Maasin City at 01:00AM Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Cokaliong Ferry depart 12NOON at pier 1 every Sundays arrives Maasin at 06:00PM

Cokaliong Ferry depart Maasin at 08:00AM every Tuesday arrive Cebu pier 1 at 02:00PM.
Cokaliong Ferry depart Maasin at 11:59PM every Thursday arrive Cebu pier 1 at 06:00AM Friday.
Cokaliong Ferry depart Maasin at 10:00PM every Sunday arrive Cebu 04:00AM Monday..

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Air Juan flights are available twice a week from Cebu to Maasin and return please check their website for schedule and price

Travelling to Padre Burgos Southern Leyte from Manila

Travelling to Padre Burgos Southern Leyte  from Manila
Tickets in Cebu can be purchased at terminal 1 and terminal 3 Weesam Express offices and Maasin port.

6:00 AM

9:30 AM
(Travel Time: 3 hours)
CEBU – MAASIN vice versa

P 650
P 550
P 500
P 640
P 550
P 470
P 600
P 520
P 440
P 375
P 325
P 275

Fly to Cebu from Manila around 1 hour and the catch Weesam Express from Cebu port t (This ferry is daily)
You can catch either Bus Vhire or muli tcab from bus terminal in Maasin to Padre Burgos or arrange with your local dive resort.

This is now the quickest and most convenient way to get to Padre Burgos Southern Leyte. Total travelling time should take you around 3 hour 30 mins 

Fly to Tacloban, the capital of Leyte Province
Airlines serving this route:
Philippines airline
Airphil Express:

On arrival in Tacloban airport,

From Tacloban to your favourite dive shop - by resort van or car
All Sogod Bay area dive shops are able to arrange for a car or van and driver to meet you and your party at the airport and drive you directly to your preferred dive shop. For first-time visitors, we recommend this option. Make your arrangements during your resort booking. You will normally be expected to pay the driver directly, in cash Peso. The trip duration is about 3-hours. The cost is Ps3,500-4,500.

From Tacloban to your favourite dive shop - by taxi
Taxis are usually available from the airport itself. Touts will call-out to you as you exit the Arrivals area. Indicate you wish a Taxi, but negotiate directly with the driver (not the tout) for your preferred dive resort in Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte. You will be required to pay the driver directly, in cash Peso. The trip duration is about 3-hours. Expect to pay Ps3,000-4,000 or twice the meter-reading.

From Tacloban to your favorite dive shop - by public transport
If you wish to take public transport to Padre Burgos, you will have two legs to your travel... from the Tacloban Airport to the Central Terminal, where hire-vans and buses are available, and then from Central Terminal to Padre Burgos, S Leyte where the dive shops are located.

From Tacloban Central Terminal to Padre Burgos - by public hire-van (v-hire)
On arrival at the Central Terminal in Tacloban, you will find scores of vans parked in front of the terminal waiting to fill-up with passengers. Some of these public passenger vans provide service between Tacloban and Maasin. Be sure to find a van taking the route passing through Sogod, Malitbog and Padre Burgos.
The vans leave from Tacloban Central Terminal every 30 minutes, or when full. "Full" for these 14-passenger vans can be up to 17-passengers. Be sure to take the route passing through Sogod, Malitbog and Padre Burgos. Pay for two seats and travel in comfort! The van will drop you at your resort if it is on the National Highway. The duration is about 3.25-hours. 

Please use the provided web-site links and telephone numbers to check availability, schedules and fees prior to travel. Prices, where shown, are at 2012 levels. If you encounter any inaccuracy, broken link or problem telephone number kindly advise us at: email:

Travelling to Padre Burgos Southern Leyte from Bohol

Travelling from Alona Beach, Panglao Ubay Bohol to Southern Leyte

To travel to Southern Leyte you will need to get to Ubay a small town on the northeast side of Bohol. You can either arrange a private hire with your resort you are staying at direct to Ubay or catch a local van or tricycle to the bus/van terminal in Tagbilaran from Tagbilaran to Ubay takes around 2.5 hours there are plenty of local vans which go to Ubay.

Banca-type ferries are available from Ubay, Bohol to Bato and Hilongos Leyte  departing daily the crossing takes around 2-3 hours. 

- Ubay to Bato by banca, departures at 9am arrives Bato 12pm
- Ubay to Bato by banca, departs at 10am arrives Bato 1pm
- Ubay to Bato by Roro (car transport) departs at 1pm arrives Bato 5pm
- Ubay to Hilongos by banca departs 9am arrives Hilongos 11.30am
- Bato to Ubay by banca departs Bato 7am arrives Ubay 10am
- Bato to Ubay by banca departs Bato 8am arrives Ubay 11am
-Bato to Ubay by Roro (car transport) departs Bato 9am arrives Ubay 2pm
-Hilongos to Ubay by banca departs Hilongos 9am arrives Ubay 11.30am

From Bato or Hilongos - by resort van or private hire-car
Sogod Bay area dive shops are able to arrange for a private car or van to meet you and your party upon arrival at the relevant pier and drive you directly to your preferred dive shop. Make your arrangements during your resort booking. For first-time visitors, and for those preferring fast and personalized service, we recommend this option. The trip duration is about 1.5-hours. The cost is around Ps1700

From Bato/Hilongos to Maasin - by public bus or v-hire van
Buses and vans are available from Bato or Hilongos to Maasin, with a travel time to Maasin of about 1.5-hours.  

From Maasin to Padre Burgos

Padre Burgos, where most of the dive shops are located, is about 25kms from Maasin City, Southern Leyte. Travel time from Maasin to Padre Burgos is about 40-50 minutes by public multi-cab, jeepney or bus. Look for those heading to Malitbog or Sogod which pass through Padre Burgos and right by most dive shops. 

Weather in Sogod Bay

Sogod Bay - Weather Updates:

These are important sites, providing up-to-date weather status:

For all of the Philippines, September through March is the "rainy season" while April through August is "summer". But the weather in Sogod Bay, Southern Leyte is quite different from the rest of the Central Philippines. Unfortunately, it gets lumped into the same weather reporting as other great dive locations in central Philippines, such as Moalboal and Malapascua in Cebu, Panglao in Bohol and Dauin and Sipalay in Negros.

Sogod Bay is surrounded by high mountains and is largely protected from strong winds and regional storms; so diving conditions are good - ALL YEAR ROUND! The bay is situated just outside the so-called "typhoon belt", thereby missing the worst of the periodic cyclone activity which does affect the Eastern portions of Mindanao, Samar, and Luzon Islands.

From April through August the weather over Sogod Bay is mostly sunny, the seas are warm at 28-29 C and relatively calm, with underwater visibility of 20-30+ meters. These are excellent conditions for scuba diving, adventure tours and sight-seeing around the Sogod Bay area.

During September through March ocean currents and the prevailing North-Easterly winds, locally known as Habagat, create perfect conditions for phytoplankton to thrive in Sogod Bay. Visibility is reduced to a still respectable 15-20+ meters. The big news is that the phytoplankton draws Whale-sharks, Pilot Whales, Dolphins and large Pellagic fish into the bay.

Accommodation for diving, snorkeling and whale shark tours in Padre Burgos, Sogod Bay, Southern Leyte Philippines

The Municipality of Padre Burgos is the best place to stay around Sogod Bay when scuba diving snorkeling or experiencing Whale-shark tours. The  higher quality customer service diving locations are in Barangay Lungsodaan area.

There is several dive resorts and hotels scattered around the bay offering scuba diving and Whale-shark tours. Most have rooms on-site or near-by with good quality service and diving, and a good selection of pricing.

Sogod Bay is off the general tourist routes, like any hidden paradise, so you can expect to have the place mostly to yourself for a good part of the year. However, there is limited accommodation and can fill up very quickly, especially during the Whale-shark Season from November to March, so make sure to book early if you plan to visit during these months.

Dive Resorts

Sogod Bay Scuba Resort

SBSR Website
SBSR Facebook Page
Brgy Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos Southern Leyte, Philippines

Southern Leyte Divers

Southern Leyte Divers Website
Southern Leyte Divers Facebook
San Roque, Macrohon Southern Leyte, Philippines

Peter's Dive Resort

Peter's Dive Website
Peter's Dive Facebook
Brgy Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos Southern Leyte, Philippines


Pintuyan Dive Resort

Pintuyan Dive Website
Pintuyan Dive Facebook
Brgy Caubang, Pintuyan, 6614 Southern Leyte, Philippines
+63 921 736 8860

Whale Shark Divers

Whaleshark Divers Email

WhaleShark Divers Website Brgy Asuncion, Macrohon 6601 Southern Leyte, Philippines

Leyte Dive Resort and Adventure Tours
Leyte Diver Website
Leyte Divers Facebook
Candatag, Malitbog, Southern Leyte, Philippines 6603
Cell +63 927 533 57 24

Resorts and Hotels

Kuting Reef

Kuting Reef Website
Kuting Reef Facebook

Brgy Asuncion, Macrohon Southern Leyte, Philippines

Villa Tarzella

Villa Tarzella Facebook
Brgy Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos Southern Leyte, Philippines


JD Hotel

JD Hotel Lonely Planet Page
JD Hotel Facebook Page
Brgy Santa Sofia, Padre Burgos Southern Leyte, Philippines

Caimito Resort

Caimito Resort Website
Caimito Facebook Page

Pasay, Maasin City Southern Leyte, Philippines

Attack of the Mantis Shrimp video

Come dive Sogod Bay in June July August and September

The best time to come to Sogod Bay in Southern Leyte is in June July and August.
We do not fall under the same weather patterns as the rest of the Philippines.
This is why
The weather is great, water temp is around 28c, water viz can be up to 35 meters.
We have over 25 dive sites ranging from wall dives, coral reef, drift, macro and night dives.
We have the wonder and mimic octopus, frog fish, ghost pipe fish, nudiebranchs, smashing manta shrimp, and much more.

We have some of the best coral in SE Asia and have 11 marine protected areas in Sogod Bay.
Our dive boats are not crowded either are our dive sites. We only have 3 dive operators within the Sogod Bay. So you can be sure of no crowds.
Come dive with us
Sogod Bay Scuba Resort