Diving at Sunok point

Sunok is not only famous for its whale sharks in recent years it has been made into a fish sanctuary this has transformed it into a fabulous dive site approximately 1 hour boat ride from Padre Burgos. Sunok point starts at around 10 metres a wall similar to a terrace drops down to 20 metres and then at the end drops down to around 45metres. One side of the terrace is a sloping coral reef with beautiful soft corals, fans, barrel sponges and whip corals. The other side of the terrace is a nice wall with huge fans, soft corals, snappers, rainbow runners, surgeon fish and sharks are often seen. Green tree corals and soft corals cover the top of the wall as well as scorpion fish, frog fish, and plenty of fusiliers The current can be sometime strong at this site also nitrox is a must for this dive.

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