Come dive Sogod Bay in June July August and September

The best time to come to Sogod Bay in Southern Leyte is in June July and August.
We do not fall under the same weather patterns as the rest of the Philippines.
This is why
The weather is great, water temp is around 28c, water viz can be up to 35 meters.
We have over 25 dive sites ranging from wall dives, coral reef, drift, macro and night dives.
We have the wonder and mimic octopus, frog fish, ghost pipe fish, nudiebranchs, smashing manta shrimp, and much more.

We have some of the best coral in SE Asia and have 11 marine protected areas in Sogod Bay.
Our dive boats are not crowded either are our dive sites. We only have 3 dive operators within the Sogod Bay. So you can be sure of no crowds.
Come dive with us
Sogod Bay Scuba Resort

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